3 Hotel Technology Trends to Capitalize on in 2017

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Hotel technology is changing more rapidly than any other part of the hospitality industry, complicating hotels’ task of finding their next breakthrough. In particular, innovations in cloud-based systems, mobile platforms and loyalty strategies are enabling hotels to personalize their offers and experiences for guests better than ever before, leading to significant profit growth opportunities.

Webinar Agenda

In this free webinar, learn from Stay N Touch, SiteMinder and Duetto about:

  • How integrated, cloud-based systems can centralize customer spending and preference data in one place for hotel companies, yielding insights that produce personalized offers and experiences.
  • How hotels can create instant gratification and engender true loyalty with personalized room prices, which reflect an individual guest’s spending behavior and contribution to the hotel’s bottom line.
  • How understanding mobile “micro moments” and “dayparting” strategies will change hotels’ distribution strategies to be more responsive to the way consumers plan their travel and purchase hotel stays.

Look Who’s Talking

Joe Schaap

CEO and Founder

Dai Williams

Managing Director, EMEA

Dan Yacker

Vice President, Global Strategic Alliances