Localization is Hard, Here’s How We do it Right

by David |

It is debatable what the hardest thing to get right for an enterprise application is, but localization is definitely up there. It not only means translating your app into different languages, but more importantly it also means correct date handling for users from different time zones and proper currency conversion and formatting for a multi-currency multi-locale environment. Fortunately, at Duetto we built in localization as part of our core very early, we didn’t have to experience the pain of retrofitting the localization after the app was already established. If I were to take a guess, it was well below 1,000 (or 1 000 if you are French) lines of code that we started building pieces for our localization infrastructure.

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Scaling Duetto: Part I, the Data Tier

by Craig Weissman, CTO and Co-Founder |
At Duetto, we’re transitioning from a startup phase to a more established company — both in terms of technology scale as well as our business processes. In this post, we’ll start by focusing on scaling the technology itself. “Scaling” in this sense means many things: handling more data, more users, bigger backups, more features and larger product surface area — to name just a few. Fortunately, the development team at Duetto has considerable experience in all of these areas, having helped build and grow other large cloud technology companies. Read More

Pardon the Interruption

by Neelav |

At a previous employer there was a story about a cat who brought down the application. The cat decided to take a little catnap directly on the f5 key of a user’s keyboard. Business intelligence and analytics applications can have long running queries which can be disastrous to a web server if a user is able to issue many of them concurrently. Splunkstorm comes to mind as a company that does a good job of preventing this situation through its job manager. An individual user can only make so many queries to the system and splunk provides a mechanism for the user to cancel old requests. Here at Duetto we’ve taken a more seamless approach to query management.

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Duetto Offers Insight for Smaller Hotels

by Patrick Bosworth, co-founder and CEO |
If you manage a small or economy hotel, this post is for you. I know the daily challenges of life at an economy hotel. It’s where I got my start in this industry as a teenager. Like any hotel, small, limited-service and economy properties make a disproportionate amount of earnings on their small percentage of busiest days. But those days are even harder to spot in properties without a dedicated revenue manager or revenue management system. Smaller hotels with fewer rooms make statistical analysis more challenging, as do shorter booking windows that come with little or no group business booked in advance. Read More