Latin America Finally Ready for Hotel E-Commerce

by Pamela Espinoza, Contributing Editor, Latin America |

With a population of more than 600 million and two countries among the world’s 15 largest economies, Latin America presents a unique opportunity for businesses to expand their digital footprint. 

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As Pro Sports Change Las Vegas, So Must Your Casino Operations

by Marco Benvenuti, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer and Co-Founder |

The key for companies and brands looking to last is their ability to adapt. Las Vegas casinos prove that time and again, and they’ll have another chance to evolve over the next few years, as pro sports redefine the Vegas entertainment experience.

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Why Mistakes Are Vital When You Strive to Innovate

by Sarah McCay Tams, Contributing Editor, EMEA |

Less than two years after embarking on a huge infrastructure change, Village Hotels is now selling 180,000 more rooms each year across its portfolio of 29 UK properties.

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