Let’s keep the revenue strategy conversation going

by Patrick Bosworth, co-founder and CEO |
I liked Kristie Goshow’s perspective on the many challenges the hospitality industry is facing today: They’re not challenges, they’re opportunities. The vice president of marketing for Sabre Hospitality is exactly right — and I think that’s why so many of you came to the Revenue Strategy Summit last week. Read More

From Revenue Management to Revenue Strategy

by Patrick Bosworth, co-founder and CEO |

It’s taken a long time to get revenue management into the lexicon of the hotel industry, but now that we’re finally there, let’s talk about redefining it. Revenue management—yield management, price optimization or however it’s described from company to company—will always be a critical function at every hotel, and it’s great the majority of the industry recognizes this. But revenue management has come to be defined by managing rates, which isn’t exactly what Robert Cross first imagined in 1997 when he called for a marketing renaissance in his book, “Revenue Management: Hard-Core Tactics for Market Domination.”

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Good RM starts with segmentation

by Mark Brandau, Director of Content |
Earlier this year, Marco detailed why fixed-tier or BAR pricing is a revenue management mistake. The point of his Time to Lower the Bar for Good post was that dynamic pricing and yielding segments individually is the best way to optimize revenue, and pricing each segment as a percent off the best available rate (BAR) is the fastest way to lose money. He has since written about the importance of forecasting and how many hotels mistake inventory management for revenue management. Read More

Get real about your forecast error

by Marco Benvenuti, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer and Co-Founder |
Too many people in the hotel industry who purport to be revenue management experts don’t understand what forecasting error is or how to accurately calculate it. Or if they do, they’re ignoring it. That’s the only conclusion I can come to when I read about people expecting or getting an unconstrained demand forecast on average 98% right six months out. That’s practically impossible. Read More

On the Edge with Cindy Estis Green

by Eric Stoessel, VP of Marketing |
Cindy Estis Green has been on the cutting edge of hotel distribution since before it was even called that. Almost two years ago, the CEO of Kalibri Labs co-authored the groundbreaking book Distribution Channel Analysis: A Guide for Hotels with Mark Lomanno, and the two shed some light on the state of hotel distribution: Costs are going up for hoteliers at an alarming rate and there’s no slowing down in the future. Read More