Personalize the Booking Path and Increase Conversion

Test different booking experiences and determine the right merchandising content that converts with Duetto’s personalization application, PlayMaker.

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Offer Guests Exactly What They Want

Unlock True Personalization

Use known or unknown guests’ purchase history and customer data to make instant, intuitive decisions in the booking path. Serve up individualized rates and the most relevant room types, packages and offers, and then test every offer to increase conversion and make better decisions.

Call the Right Plays


Personalized Loyalty Pricing

Differentiate your loyalty program by combining PlayMaker’s analytics with GameChanger, Duetto’s Open Pricing application. Set room rates dynamically for each loyalty member, based on that person’s total on-property spend or whatever consumer behaviors matter most to you. Track guests’ room and ancillary revenue, and make that data actionable.


Room Type Sort Order

PlayMaker enables you to customize the room type sort order so options are most relevant to each consumer. For instance, known guests who regularly book suites could see that option first. If new customers fit a business traveler profile — booking a week before arrival, for one night midweek — they can be served a king room or executive upgrades.



Customers expect their usual purchases and preferences to trigger some kind of recognition and to inform what hotels offer them when they are booking a room. Deliver the right packages for golfers, spa guests or foodies at the right prices to maximize incremental revenue, and use the app to test which amenities drive greater conversion.


Promotional Offers

Tailor promotional offers based on guests’ potential value and spending, using the hotel’s CRM data and information incorporated from third-party analytics platforms.

Run Experiments for Every Play and Measure Your Impact

  • Validate your insights, using Duetto’s Play Performance Score™.
  • Visualize real-time results for each play in charts and reports.
  • Learn which plays drive revenue, test which offers win new customers.

See the ROI of Revenue Strategy

GameChanger customers report an average year-over-year RevPAR Index lift of 6.5%.

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