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What NOT to Look for in a Hotel Revenue Manager

by Marco Benvenuti, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer and Co-Founder |

In my six years as co-founder of Duetto, we’ve grown from a two-man operation working at a single desk to more than 100 people in five offices across the globe. While I haven’t hired everyone at Duetto, I was highly involved in many, and I’ve led the development of a culture in which all of our new hires must fit.

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In Uncertain Times, Focus on RevPAR Index As Well As RevPAR Growth

by Ed Watkins, Contributing Editor |

The hotel industry seems to be obsessed with RevPAR and, in particular, RevPAR growth. Typically, one of the first items discussed in a public hotel company’s quarterly earnings report is the percentage of RevPAR growth achieved. STR executives have touted the industry’s significant accomplishment of 85 consecutive months of RevPAR growth in the United States, a feat that dates back to 2010.

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