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What NOT to Look for in a Hotel Revenue Manager

by Marco Benvenuti, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer and Co-Founder |

In my six years as co-founder of Duetto, we’ve grown from a two-man operation working at a single desk to more than 100 people in five offices across the globe. While I haven’t hired everyone at Duetto, I was highly involved in many, and I’ve led the development of a culture in which all of our new hires must fit.

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Optimizing Hotel Distribution for All Parts of the Customer Journey

by Pamela Espinoza, Contributing Editor, Latin America |

New research sheds light on the unique booking behaviors of Mexican travelers, who show greater propensity for planning last-minute travel. Hotels might benefit from many guests paying higher prices for waiting too long. But it’s still important to their Revenue Strategy to optimize hotel distribution and marketing for consumers researching their travel options further out in the booking window.

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Optimize Profitability with Next-Gen Revenue Management Solutions

by Joanna DeChellis, Contributing Editor |

There’s a lot to be gained — beyond increased revenue and profits — from setting a successful Revenue Strategy in motion in a hotel or casino. A sound plan can reduce time and costs, improve marketing and sales activities and help a property gain competitive intelligence and market insights.

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ITB’s Unseen Revenue Management Lesson for Hotels

by Michael Schäffner, Director – DACH |

ITB coincided with my first full week working for Duetto. What a week to start! Endless meetings, great conversations, educational events and, in its final hours, an incredible revenue management opportunity for all Berlin hotels. Did you spot it?

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