How Duetto Can Elevate Your Revenue Strategy

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Duetto’s portfolio of cloud solutions helps hotels and casinos make data-driven and profitable revenue decisions. Watch live demonstrations of Duetto’s two main applications – GameChanger and ScoreBoard – and learn how Personalized Loyalty Pricing is shaping the future of loyalty marketing.

Webinar Agenda

In this webinar, catch live demonstrations of Duetto’s most powerful solutions:

  • Learn how Duetto’s price optimization application, GameChanger, provides new insights into demand through a powerful pricing engine and enables the strategy of Open Pricing.
  • Learn how Duetto’s Revenue Intelligence application, ScoreBoard, allows hotels and casinos to analyze revenue and forecast performance across the entire company in real time.
  • Learn how Duetto’s Personalized Loyalty Pricing feature allows hotels and casinos to offer a tailored room rate to individual loyalty members based on their worth to the property.

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Nathaniel Green

Solutions Engineer

Tim Kolman

Solutions Engineer

Joe Hetsko

Solutions Engineer