Optimizing Casino Profits via Dynamic Reinvestment

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Casinos pioneered the practice of reinvestment as a way to reward high-value guests and players. But they risk leaving too much money on the table if they don’t update their loyalty and player development strategies with new technology. Properties that still rely on casino blocks to fill rooms and on the intuition of a pit boss to comp the right players aren’t playing with a full deck in today’s highly fragmented gaming industry. Fortunately, new casino Revenue Strategy solutions use predictive analytics and spending data from across the new profit centers of integrated resorts to value guests more holistically than ever before. Those data-driven insights can lead to more targeted loyalty offers, upgrades and marketing — and, ultimately, better profitability.

Webinar Agenda

In this free webinar, learn from Pearl River Resort and Duetto about the benefits of a more dynamic reinvestment strategy, including:

  • Moving from an outdated block system toward revenue management practices that set room rates for maximum profit, while still rewarding high-value guests with appropriate casino rates and comps.
  • Leveraging spending behavior from all revenue centers of a resort — like spas, nightclubs, golf courses and retail outlets — to reward non-gamblers as your property would a regular gambler.
  • Making upgrade and player development decisions faster and in a way that reflects those guests’ spending behaviors, grooming the next generation of loyalty club members and regular patrons at your casino.

Look Who’s Talking

David Malbrough

Director of Planning and Analysis

Matthew Perkins

Executive VP of Operations and Marketing

Joe Hetsko

Solutions Engineer, Global Casino Accounts